Facilities Management Department


Scope of Work

The Facilities Management Department performs custodial, maintenance, preventive maintenance, and grounds work at all McKinley County facilities.
  • Battered Families
  • Bluewater VFD
  • Bluewater Village VFD
  • Community Center
  • Community Pantry
  • Crownpoint VFD
  • District Attorney
  • District Court
  • Fire Department
  • Gallup McKinley Adult Detention Center
  • Magistrate Court
  • McKinley County Courthouse
  • McKinley Health Office
  • McKinley West VFD
  • Metro Dispatch 911
  • Navajo Estate VFD
  • Navajo Nation Behavioral Health
  • Navajo VFD
  • Office of Emergency Management
  • Pinehaven VFD
  • Prewitt VFD
  • Public Defender
  • Pueblo Pintado Ambulatory VFD
  • Ramah Senior Center
  • Ramah VFD
  • Roads Department
  • San Mateo VFD
  • Sheriff Department
  • Thoreau Ambulatory VFD
  • Thoreau PMS Clinic
  • Thoreau Community Center
  • Thoreau Senior Citizen
  • Timberlake VFD
  • Vanderwagon VFD
  • Whispering Cedars VFD
  • White Cliffs VFD
  • Wingate VFD
  • Zuni Black Rock VFD
  • Zuni Village VFD
  • Information Technology
  • Red Mesa Center
  • Community Services Department (DWI, Compliance, JSAAC)
  • Ramah Trails


  • Guaranteed Energy Savings Project          
  • Ramah Senior Citizen Center Sewer
  • Community Services Program Modular Building                                          
  • County Courthouse Building Expansion
  • Adult Detention Center Sally Port Repair
  • Pueblo Pintado VFD Building and Water Line Extension
  • Management Floor & First Floor renovation New Courthouse
  • Thoreau Community Center Renovation
  • Thoreau & Ramah Senior Citizen ADA Upgrade
  • Thoreau VFD Building
  • Old Courthouse Elevator Security project
  • New/Old Courthouse Security project

Work Orders

Work order request can be submitted by signing in at www.facilitydude.com. Use your County email as your username. When signed in you can establish a new work order, check on existing work orders, or see archives of work performed.If you need help with sign in, please contact us at the phone number above.


McKinley County ESPC Project was named 2016 Association of Energy Engineers New Mexico Large Energy Project of the Year