Facilities Management

Facilities Management Staff

Scope of Work

The Facilities Management Department performs custodial, maintenance and grounds work at all McKinley County facilities.
  • Battered Families
  • Bluewater VFD
  • Bluewater Village VFD
  • Community Center
  • Community Pantry
  • Crownpoint VFD
  • District Attorney
  • District Court
  • Fire Marshall
  • Gallup McKinley Adult Detention Center
  • Magistrate Court
  • McKinley County Courthouse
  • McKinley Health Office
  • McKinley West VFD
  • Metro Dispatch 911
  • Navajo Estate VFD
  • Navajo Nation Behavioral Health
  • Navajo VFD
  • Office of Emergency Management
  • Pinehaven VFD
  • Prewitt VFD
  • Public Defender
  • Pueblo Pintado Ambulatory VFD
  • Ramah Senior Center
  • Ramah VFD
  • Roads Department
  • San Mateo VFD
  • Sheriff Department
  • Thoreau Ambulatory VFD
  • Thoreau Clinic
  • Thoreau Community Center
  • Thoreau Senior Citizen
  • Timberlake VFD
  • Vanderwagon VFD
  • Whispering Cedars VFD
  • White Cliffs VFD
  • Wingate VFD
  • Zuni Black Rock VFD
  • Zuni Village VFD


  • Guaranteed Energy Savings Project          
  • McKinley County Facilities
  • DWI Program                                             
  • New Construction of Building

Work Orders

Request for work orders can be done by logging into facilitydude.com using your email address. When logged in you can establish a new a new work order, check on existing work orders, or see archives of work performed.