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Self-referrals are welcome.

Self-referrals will take the ADE Inc. Substance Abuse Life Circumstance Evaluation (SALCE).

ADE Incorporated's Substance Abuse Life Circumstance Evaluation (SALCE) is a 98-question, adult substance abuse evaluation. This instrument measures the respondent's test taking attitude, a measure of how appropriate responses are to survey items. The SALCE may be used as a basis for a personal interview, a psycho-social evaluation or a referral.

The state of New Mexico mandates that those convicted of a DWI are to take the DFA approved screening program which is the ADE Inc. NEEDS survey.

ADE Incorporated's NEEDS Assessment is a 130-question, comprehensive adult assessment tool. This instrument addresses life stress, attitude and emotional stability, criminal history, and alcohol/drug use based on DSM-5 and ASAM guidelines. This instrument may be used as the basis for a personal interview, a psycho-social history, or a referral.

The NEEDS includes 32 additional questions which relate to the stability of significant areas of an individual's life. This profile of the individual can be used as an outline for a diagnostic interview, treatment plan development, or making immediate decisions for referral.

Tyrone Kay
Screening Counselor
Tyrone Kay