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McKinley County Area Services


Animal Control/Humane Society

     McKinley County Animal Control Officers currently serve the unincorporated areas of McKinley County, enforcing ordinances and statutes relating to domestic animals.  Officers are dispatched by the Metro Dispatch.  Animal Control Officers are available five days a week excluding holidays.  Shelter facilities and services are provided through an agreement with the Humane Society.

Humane Society – McKinley County

North US Hwy 491

P.O. Box 570

Gallup, NM  87305

(505) 863-2616



     The McKinley County Assessor is required to discover, list and value all property within McKinley County.  The amount of property tax levied to help fund the operation of schools and local government is based on these values and on the tax rates set by local and state officials for exemptions and senior citizen property tax.

     The public may obtain information regarding parcel numbers, ownership, addresses, maps, taxable and assessed values, and exemptions by contacting the Assessor’s office.  For more information, contact the Assessor’s office or visit the Assessor’s website.  Online services include access to Assessor Parcel Maps and information regarding senior rebates, widow’s exemptions and veteran’s exemptions.

McKinley County Assessor

207 West Hill Ave., Suite 102

Gallup, NM  87301

(505) 863-3032 Phone

(505) 863-6517 Fax


Building Permits

     McKinley County does not have a building code compliance department.  All building and safety codes are enforced by the State of New Mexico Construction Industries Division.  The codes and standards play a vital part in maintaining McKinley County’s quality of living.  Building permits for all county residents may be obtained by contacting the New Mexico Construction Industry Division at (505) 476-4700 or their website www.state.nm.us.

Bureau of Elections

      The Bureau of Elections conducts federal, state, county, city and school district elections, as well as recalls and special elections.  We also provide elections to elementary schools, high schools and our local college allowing students to vote in elections such as their student council, homecoming and other similar elections.

     We accept candidate filings, nominating petitions, maintain voter registrations, and assign qualified electors correct precincts and update database system as necessary.  We are directly involved in the preparing of the ballots and sample ballots used in elections.  McKinley County has 68        voting precincts centrally located throughout the county including the Early Voting sites at the McKinley County Courthouse and the Alternate Early Voting site ate the Thoreau Fire Station.    

Voter Registration:

     Voters may register in our office, at the Motor Vehicle Division, or by picking up a mail-in application form at many convenient locations throughout McKinley County such as the chapter houses and senior citizen centers.  We have field registrars (coordinators) provide registrations during the days and weeks just prior to elections.  We provide a toll free number for anyone to call and request a voter registration be mailed to their residence, 1-800-245-1771.  We also schedule voter registration drives at central locations throughout the county at any given year working with various organizations.

Precinct/Map Update:

     McKinley County’s 35, 529 registered voters are assigned to precincts depending on their physical residence.  The continual growth of the urban and rural areas of the county creates a need to frequently adjust our precinct boundaries and update our precinct and district maps.  These adjustments are usually conducted after the census.

     Following the Census, the Bureau of Elections has the primary responsibility to insure the adjustments of the political and precinct boundaries are preformed according to direction from the Legislature.  These adjustments must then be changed/updated with our voter registration database to insure the qualified electors of McKinley County VOTE for their correct representative.

McKinley County Bureau of Elections

207 West Hill Ave, Suite 101

P.O.  Box 1268

Gallup, NM  87305

(505) 722-4469 Phone

(505) 863-1419 Fax


Clerk's Office

     The Office of the County Clerk keeps records such as resolutions, ordinances, deeds and marriage licenses, etc.  The office also issues several types of permits and business licenses.

     The office also receives nominations and petitions related to elections.  In addition, the office supervises and prepares ballots and voting machines and trains poll workers.  The Clerk’s office also supports the Office of the Probate Judge in handling informal proceedings.

     The duties of the County Clerk are established in the New Mexico Constitution and fall under four main areas:

  1. Recorder of the county, on behalf of the Board of County Commissioners.  

  2. Chief election officer responsible for the administration of elections in the county.

  3. Clerk of the Probate Court in handling informal proceedings only.

  4. Miscellaneous duties such as those of Notary Public, administration of oaths, certification of acknowledgements, declarations, instruments and protests.

     The Bureau of Election handles matters pertaining to elections in McKinley County, which is a subsidiary office of the Clerk’s office.

     The County Clerk is responsible for keeping records, resolutions and ordinances adopted by the Board of County Commissioners.  The County Clerk serves as secretary to the commission.

     Recorded documents are imaged as a permanent record and the original is returned to the customer after processing.  Filed documents are indexed by names of the principal parties to the document and by the year recorded.  All records are open to the public.

     The Clerk’s Office provides for retrieval of records for public viewing and produces copies and certificates of records.    Declarations of Value forms for Real Property Transfer Tax and Request for Marriage Record forms are available for download online from the Clerk’s web page.

McKinley County Clerk's Office

207 West Hill Ave., Suite 101

P.O. Box 1268

Gallup, NM  87301

(505) 863-6866 Phone

(505) 863-1419 Fax


Community Development

     The office of the Manager provides land use, development reviews, natural resource or associated planning for McKinley County.  Additional information on Community Development contact Legal Department at (505) 722-3868.


Cooperative Extension

     Cooperative Extension is a federal-state-county partnership with offices throughout the state, two of them in McKinley County.  Cooperative Extension extends research-based knowledge from the University of New Mexico and other universities to address issues in local communities.  If you’ve ever belonged to a 4-H club, or attended a gardening seminar given by Master Gardeners, you’ve seen Cooperative Extension at work.  These are just some of the many Cooperative Extension programs serving McKinley County residents. Current programs include:

  • Agriculture, Horticulture and Natural Resources such as “Living With Fire” wildfire education for homeowners, small ranch management and irrigation efficiency, invasive species control (tall whitetop, cheatgrass, etc.)
  • Master Gardener and landscaping education.
  • Health and Nutrition such as disease prevention, food safety and handling, and general nutrition education.
  • Human and Family Development such as 4-H youth clubs, 4-H after-school programs, child abuse and neglect recognition and reporting education, child care, child development, parenting, family finance and literacy.

McKinley County Cooperative Extension Service

Star Rout 2, Box 59

Gallup, NM  87301

(505) 863-3432 Phone

(505) 722-5279 Fax


County Health

     The McKinley County Health Office provides the following essential public health services to McKinley County residents and the adjacent communities.

     Because public health is about the well being of the entire population, our work takes place both inside and outside the walls of the McKinley County Public Health Office.  All of our activities fit into these 3 core functions of Public Health.


We collect data about health and make that data available to individuals and groups for use in program planning and evaluation.

Policy Development:

We contribute our data, technical assistance and connections to resources and to efforts that shape local policy in ways that promote/protect health.


We make sure that individuals and families get the health services they need by providing referrals and help with “the system”.  We work with others to fill the gaps, and to create the conditions in which all of us can be healthy.

Woman, Infant and Children (WIC) Supplemental Food Program

Nutrition program for: pregnant, postpartum, breastfeeding women; infants, and children to age 5 to ensure healthy pregnancies, babies and children. Also provides prenatal classes and breastfeeding support.

Phone: (505) 722-2004

By Appointment Monday-Thursday

Cost: Must meet income guidelines.

Family Planning Services

    Provides services or referrals to women of childbearing age including: screening for breast and cervical cancer; information and supplies to men and women for all methods of birth control; STD exams, and treatment.

Cost: Sliding scale with proof of income.

●   Urine Pregnancy Testing and Counseling.  We are certified by Medicaid to provide early eligibility for prenatal care.  We will provide or refer to a provider for Medicaid application assistance.

●    Family Planning Medicaid Category 35F provides no cost health insurance for Family Planning services for women.  It provides pap smears and contraception.  We will assist with Medicaid application.

Cost: Financial guidelines apply.

Service Provided by Appointment.

STD & HIV Testing

(Sexually Transmitted Disease)

     HIV Testing is anonymous & confidential.  STD testing, treatment, follow-up or referral.

Call for more information or appointment.

Phone: (505)-722-4391 or 726-2894

Immunization Services

All Childhood immunizations and tetanus boosters for adults.

Cost: None

If your child has Medicaid/Salud, insurance that pays for immunizations, or IHS privileges, schedule an appointment with your doctor.

Most Wednesday afternoons or by appointment only.

Children’s Medical Services (CMS)

     CMS Provides case management and financial access to services for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of chronic illnesses for resident New Mexicans under age 21 years of age.  CMS also provides referral for FIT program and nutritional screening.

Call for more information.

Cost: For some services, financial guidelines apply

Phone: (505)-722-6830

New Mexikids:

Medicaid health insurance coverage for children, birth to age 19, at little or no cost.  It pays for regular physical exams, immunizations, Doctor and Dental visits, prescriptions and glasses, vision and hearing exams.  We will assist with Medicaid applications.

Cost: Financial guidelines apply.

For instate information call:


Vital Statistics:

     Birth certificate Issuance and information.  Applications are accepted Monday-Friday, bring in picture ID, $10.00 cash or money order.  Ready in 1-2 weeks.

Policy Development:

        We contribute our data, technical assistance and connections to resources and to efforts that shape local policy in ways that promote/protect health.

Voter Registration:

     Under the Motor Voter Act, the McKinley County Public Health Office is providing voter registration to anyone in the community.  The Public Health staff will provide assistance in filling out the forms.  Services available any time the health office is open.

Cost: None.


District Attorney

     The McKinley County District Attorney’s Office provides a variety of legal services to the citizens of McKinley County.

     The Criminal Division is responsible for prosecuting misdemeanor, gross misdemeanor and felony crimes occurring in McKinley County.  Numerous crime-reporting agencies refer cases that are resolved before the Grand Jury and District Courts and the New Mexico Supreme Court.

     The District Attorney provides the following units:

  • Domestic Violence Protection:  Specializing in crimes involving domestic violence.  The caseload consists of battery, child abuse, sexual assault and murder.  This team works with victims of abuse and with community agencies involved with assisting and protecting these persons.
  • Fraud Check Diversion Program: The primary goal of this unit is restitution in lieu of prosecution.  The program is designed to secure full payment to creditors victimized by bad check writers.  State law allows for the collection of a fee form bad check writers that is used to provide service to victims of crime.
  • Victim Witness Assistance: The logistical and moral support to crime victims and witnesses.  Referrals are made to community resources for compensation, counseling and other assistance needed by crime victims.     
  • Juvenile: Attorneys in this division handle all maters involving delinquents or children in need of court supervision.  In the most serious of cases, juvenile violators of the law are removed from this system and prosecuted as adults.
  • Investigation Division: This in-house force of peace officers and process servers provides supplementary investigative work on court cases and perform other law enforcement functions related to the powers of the District Attorney.

District Attorney Office

207 West Hill Street

Gallup, NM  87301

(505) 722-2281

(505) 863-4741


District Court

     The Eleventh Judicial District Court of New Mexico encompasses McKinley and San Juan Counties.  McKinley County currently has two District Judges, the Honorable Joseph L. Rich and the Honorable Grant L. Foutz, and two hearing officers, Robert W. Ionta, Domestic Violence Special Commissioner, Cindy L. Gray, Domestic Relations Hearing Officer, with Francisca P. Palochak as Judicial Manager.  The McKinley County District Court is located in the McKinley County Courthouse, 207 West Hill Street, Room 200, Gallup, New Mexico 87301. 

    The District Court is a trial court of general jurisdiction, and sits as appeals court from courts of limited jurisdiction.

     The District Court dispenses justice in felony Criminal matters, Domestic Relation matters which include Domestic Violence civil restraining orders, dissolution of marriage, child support, child custody, and paternity; Children’s Court matters including criminal juvenile cases, abuse and neglect; and guardianship; Civil matters in amounts exceeding $5,000.00; Mental Health and probate mattes.

Eleventh Judicial District Court

207 West Hill Street, Room 200

Gallup, NM  87305

(505) 863-6816 Phone

(505) 722-3401 Fax


Emergency Management

     The Emergency Management Program provides disaster planning and coordinating services that promote emergency preparedness among governments, public safety agencies, businesses and industry, residents, and visitors.

     The McKinley County Emergency Management Program provides additional, out-of-state response resources during an emergency or disaster.  This program offers regional support services to the cities and special districts such as the School District, Navajo Nation and Zuni Pueblo.  Business, community, neighborhood, individual and family emergency preparedness is the cornerstone of self-reliance during crisis periods.  The office updates and maintains an emergency resource list and Emergency Operations Plan and organizes and supports the Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC).

McKinley County Office of Emergency Management

2221 East Boyd

Gallup, New Mexico 87301

(505) 722-4248

(505) 722-9009 fax


Fire Rescue

    The County Fire and Rescue Office is responsible for fire prevention, education and protection of lives and property through fire fighting and fire inspections. 

     Serving as a liaison between the State Fire Marshal and McKinley County’s 20 Volunteer Fire Departments, the Fire and Rescue Office also assists in administrative procedures and record keeping.

      Fire Rescue also maintains an ambulance service in Thoreau, New Mexico that services the east side of McKinley County, from I-40 Exit 19 to the County line.  The rest of the county is serviced by Med Star Ambulance Service.

     The Office also assists Med Flight and Med Star.  Help and information regarding fire individual fire department locations, etc., can be coordinated by contacting the Fire and Rescue Office.

McKinley County Fire and Rescue

411 Bataan Memorial Road

Gallup, New Mexico 87301

(505) 863-3839 Phone

(505) 863-1439 Fax


GIS Center /Rural Addressing

     The GIS Center is responsible in developing and maintaining the McKinley County’s Geographic Information System (GIS), Enhanced E-911 Rural Addressing System and various special projects of the county.

     The goal of the department is to provide the County and its citizens with up-to-date and accurate geo-spatial information to improve and enhance the ability of elected officials, county employees, various emergency, law enforcement, government agencies and the public, to make informed decisions, and provide better services (emergency and non-emergency) and enhanced public safety and welfare to the citizens of McKinley County.

     Information maintained and developed by the GISC includes county maps of roads, political boundaries, land ownerships, jurisdiction, rural addressing, parcel base (project with the Assessor’s office mapping department), topography, trail maps (project with the City of Gallup), and aerial photographs (orthogonal and oblique). Digital or hard copies of these data are available to the public for nominal reprographic fees.

     The department is also responsible in the implementation and maintenance of the Enhanced 911 (E-911) system which includes the assigning of physical addresses to all the residents and naming of roads in McKinley County. This serves as the basis for providing emergency and non-emergency services especially to those residents in the rural areas.

     Roads, driveways, and address points are maintained in a special computer program that allows easy search, location, attributes modification, GPS navigation, and map creation for various government agencies, utility companies and other service agencies.

GIS Center/Special Projects

207 West Hill Street, Suite 103

Gallup, New Mexico  87301

(505) 863-9517 Phone

(505) 863-6517 Fax


Golf Courses

     The City of Gallup owns and operates the only golf course within McKinley County located at 1109 Susan Avenue, Gallup, NM  87305.   For more Information call (505) 863-9224.


Human Resources  

     McKinley County has nearly 200 full time employees.  The Human Resources Department recruits, examines and places new employees.  Human Resources also provide the County with ongoing employee training, is responsible for personnel policies, develops, implements and administers programs such as the employee assistance program and is responsible for employee orientation.

     As part of McKinley County’s dedication to excellence in public service, we value significant contributors to our organization and encourage professional growth and skill enhancement of our employees.  McKinley County employees make a difference in the community in which they live!   

McKinley County does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed or religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, physical or mental handicap or other factors, which cannot be lawful basis for employment decisions.

McKinley County Human Resources Department

 207 West Hill Ave., Suite 300

Gallup, NM  87301

(505) 863-1400


Information Technology Department

     Information Technology runs McKinley County’s Administrative Computer Network and Network Servers.  The office is responsible for Installation, Program customization, Security System, Telephone/Voice-over IP Firewall, Email Server, Integration, Maintenance, and Upgrades of all computers, network equipment, fiber optics and cable lines.

     McKinley County’s network consists of more than 200 personal computers at eight geographically disparate locations, connected via fiber-optic, T1 and T3 line connections.

Information Technology serves as a technical leader and advisor for various other governmental networks in the state of New Mexico.

McKinley County IT Dept.

207 West Hill Ave., Suite 300

Gallup, NM  87305

(505) 863-1400


Juvenile Services

     The McKinley County Juvenile Services Center is certified by the New Mexico Children, Youth & Families Department (CYFD) as a Detention Center to hold juveniles age 8 –17 by order of the court or by the Juvenile Probation Office (JPO).  Additionally, we have contracts with the Laguna, Acoma, Southern Ute, Ute Mountain and Zuni Tribes and Cibola County to house up to 22 juveniles.

     The mission of the Detention Center is to protect the community from those youth placed in our custody and provide a safe, secure, and humane environment under the principles of Direct Supervision in accordance with CYFD Standards.       

     While in custody, youth are required to attend school, recreational activities, and Religious programs and are eligible to receive social services such as mental health treatment and other medical services.

     In response to needs in our community and county to provide Social Detoxification services for youth, the Juvenile Substance Abuse Crisis Center (JSACC) was opened in March of 2001 with support from a 3-year grant from the Center of Substance Abuse Treatment (CSAT).

     Approximately 300 youth per year are admitted to the JSACC where they are placed in a safe haven and receive short term services such as; Social Detoxification, Intake, Mental Health Screening, Substance Abuse Screening, Referral and 6 and 12 month Follow-Up.

     In response to the Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative (JDAI), a statewide process mandated by CYFD, we are currently administering a pilot project that is designed to provide an array of services to youth who     would have otherwise been detained or who have been arrested for committing a status offense or have been admitted to the JSACC several times or who voluntarily seek assistance.

    Working with several key players including the JPO, Local Law Enforcement agencies, the District Attorney and Child Protective Services, services included in a Day Reporting Program include; Treatment Planning; Community Service; Individual and/or Family counseling; Home Detention; Surveillance, Educational Services; Ropes Course, Mental Health Screening, Substance Abuse Screening, Assessment and Referral.

     Parental involvement is strongly encouraged it the JDAI programs and efforts are made to engage parents wherever possible.  We estimate that we will serve a minimum of 30 youth and their family each quarter.           The goal is to establish and cultivate community mobilization through awareness and educational activities, increasing community ownership and responsibility for societal, cultural and legal changes.

     In addition, we constantly seek research or science based programs that are known to be effective in creating positive change in the youth that we serve.  Thus, the program will evolve through trial and error, and will be enhanced and expanded as needed.

McKinley County Juvenile Detention Center

2105 Hassler Valley Rd.

(505) 863-1440

(505) 863-1442 fax


New Mexico Environmental Department

     The Division of Environmental Health Service (EHS) ensures compliance with local, state and federal laws that regulate food, water, waste management and other areas of the public.

New Mexico Environmental Department – Gallup Field Office

306 South 5TH Street

Gallup, NM  87301

(505) 722-4160


Law Library

     Not just for lawyers, the mission of McKinley County Law Library is to provide all citizens with access to law related information.  The Law Library is the County’s main source of legal information.  The library pursues a full range of materials and services to provide timely, accurate and efficient access to the sources of law, including local, state and federal government resources.       The library located in the basement of the McKinley County Courthouse.  The Law library is managed by the District Court Clerk; questions pertaining to the operation of the Law Library should be directed to the District Court Clerks at 863-6816.



     Legal provides legal representation to all elected and departments, agencies and appointed officials of McKinley County, as well as to all programs through which the County provides service to the public. The Legal Department also advises the Directors and staffs of the different Departments within the County on the myriad of legal issues that arise on a daily basis, and works with elected officials and staff from other governmental entities, and with private enterprise as appropriate to further County policies, projects, and interests.       

    The County Attorney attends many internal and public meetings, and performs legal research, draft legal opinions and documents, negotiate on the County’s behalf, and represent the County in court and administrative proceedings.

Other services within the legal department are land use and County Health Programs.

McKinley County Legal Department

P.O. Box 70, 207 West Hill, Suite 300

Gallup, New Mexico 87305

Phone: (505)-863-1400

Fax: (505)-863-6362


Manager's Office

     On behalf of the Board of County Commissioners, the County Manager carries out board policies and administers county operations, responds to requests from the Board and also acts as liaison between the Board and the County departments.  The County Manager oversees a budget in excess of $34 million and almost 250 employees.

     The Finance Division of the Manager’s Office coordinates internal audits and overall County annual audits.  The County’s Finance, Purchasing, IT, GIS are all located within the County Manager’s Office.

County Manager’s Office

207 West Hill Ave., Suite 300

P.O. Box 70

Gallup, NM  87301

(505) 863-1400 Phone

(505) 863-6362 Fax

Parks and Recreation

     McKinley County does not have a Parks and Recreation Department.  For locations of all parks within the county call the City Parks Department at (505) 722-5103.  In addition you can call the City Parks Department for hours of operation for city/county swimming pool, location of the Sports Complexes and fields, tennis courts, skate parks and multiuse trails.


Medical Investigator’s Office

     The McKinley County Medical Investigator is responsible for the investigation of unexpected and unnatural deaths, or deaths occurring without medical attendance.  Medical Investigator responds to scenes of death in order to document the deceased’s identity, cause of death, mode of death, and the circumstances or medical history preceding death.

     The Medical Investigator is responsible for medical examination or autopsy of the body to determine the cause of death.  The Medical Investigator also identifies infectious disease or other hazards to the public health. 

Probate Judge's Office

     The probate judge is a part-time position.  Probate courts for each county were established by the New Mexico Constitution.  That constitutional section gives the New Mexico Legislature power to define the jurisdiction of the probate courts within the scope of the constitution.

The probate court is limited to the following activities:

  • Admission of will to informal probate;
  • Informal appointment of personal representatives; upon verified application of a personal representative, signing a certificate that the personal representative appears to have fully executed an estate,
  • To enable the personal representative to obtain a discharge of liens securing his performance.
  • The Probate Judge can also perform marriages.

Office of the Probate Judge

McKinley County

207 West Hill Ave., Suite 100

Gallup, NM  87301



     The Purchasing Department is responsible for the purchasing and acquisition of goods and services for McKinley County, the reuse, sale or disposal of surplus property. The Purchasing Department ensures that federal and state laws, as well as county codes, policies and procedures are followed while also ensuring equal opportunity for all those interested in doing business with McKinley County, thereby guarding the public trust.       

     The Purchasing Department:

  • Maintains vendor files, places orders and oversees deliveries and shipments of merchandise. 
  • Coordinates all shipping, freight deliveries or pickups and handles requisitions and purchases for all county departments.
  • Oversees bid documents, pre-bids, announcements bid openings and contract awards.
  • Is responsible for contract documentation.  In addition, the department coordinates the sale of surplus county equipment and vehicles, maintains vehicle inventory including licenses and identification.
  • Oversees the coordination of the maintenance staff; and repairs to all county buildings and grounds.
  • Serves as CDBG, SAP and Local Government division grant administrators. 
  • Responsible for the birth of Fuel Card system.

Purchasing Department

207 West Hill Ave., Suite 300

Gallup, New Mexico   87301

(505) 863-1400 Phone

(505) 863-6362 Fax


Reservable Community Centers and Facilities

     The following community centers and facilities are available for special events ranging from family picnics to weddings:

  • Elks Lodge
  • Gallup Community Pantry
  • Lions Club
  • Veterans Hall via the American Legion Post #8.


Risk Management

     McKinley County is to be protected against accidental loss or losses, which, in the aggregate during any financial period, would significantly affect personnel, property, the budget or the ability to McKinley County to continue to fulfill its responsibilities to taxpayer and the public.  McKinley County will apply to risks to of accidental loss the Risk Management process which includes a systematic and continuous identification of loss exposures, the analysis of these exposures in terms of frequency and severity probabilities, the application of sound risk control procedures and the financing of risk consistent with the Count’s financial resources.

Risk Management

207 West Hill Street, Suite 300

Gallup, NM  87301

(505) 863-1400 ext. 1013


Road Department

      The prime function of McKinley County Roads Department is to maintain and improve the quality of life in McKinley County. The Road Dept is comprised of construction and maintenance crews. Geographically McKinley consists of 5,461 square miles. The development in the county is primary rural in character. 

     McKinley County has responsibility for maintenance of 591 miles of this approximately 95 miles is paved surface.  We also constructed and maintain 52 bridges. McKinley County Road Department works with other county offices to obtain express right of way before construction can take place. 

     McKinley County has adopted a non-subdivision county road work request policy to aid citizens and groups in obtaining an express right of way. The road department handles snow removal operations as needed, on all roads listed on the McKinley County Road inventory. A Road inventory list can be obtained or reviewed at the Road Department.

McKinley County Road Department

1980 Warehouse Lane

Gallup, NM  87301

(505) 722-2303 Phone

(505) 722-9380 Fax


Senior Services

     The mission of McKinley County Senior Services is to offer continued opportunities for the community’s older adults to maintain dignity and independence, and to enhance the quality of their lives by providing quality services in a cost-effective manner.

     There are two centers in McKinley County, Ramah and Thoreau.   The centers are operated and managed by Presbyterian Medical service in association with Western New Mexico Medical Group.  Among other things these centers provide daily meals and recreation. For more information contact:

Western New Mexico Medical Group

P.O. Box 1708

Gallup, NM  87305

(505) 863-2847


Sheriff's Office

     The McKinley County Sheriff’s Office is committed to providing the highest quality police service and protection possible to the citizens and visitors of McKinley County.  Sheriff’s Office duties include the prevention and detection of crime, apprehension and detention of criminals, recovery of property, traffic enforcement and search and rescue. Along with the convenience of telephone and mail‑in reporting and the availability of deputy response at all times, citizens now have numerous avenues to pursue in order to report crimes or incidents to the Sheriff's Office

The Sheriffs Office receives money from the General Fund and various state and Federal Grants to carry out its programs and services. For more information contact:

McKinley County Sheriffs Office

300 West Nizhoni Gallup, NM 87305

(505) 863‑1410 Phone

(505) 722‑9317 Fax


Social Services

The State of New Mexico Human Service Department assists people eligible for child service, general assistance such as food stamps and Medicaid. More Information can be obtained at 505‑863‑9465 or www.state.nm.us.


Treasurer's Office

The primary functions of this department are to bill, collect and apportion real estate taxes, personal property taxes, special assessments and collecting county utility bills.

All County revenues filter through this office and are accounted for daily. The Treasurer invests all available monies and insures appropriate cash flow to accommodate apportionments and appropriated expenditures. The Treasurer's Office is the property tax collector for the County of McKinley, City of Gallup, McKinley School District, the State of New Mexico and other taxing agencies within McKinley County. More than 13,600 property tax bills, plus approximately 3,000 delinquency notices are mailed by the County Treasurer's Office annually.

As the "banker" for the McKinley County, the County Treasurer's Office is also responsible for collecting all other money due other County Departments such fees for services, licenses, and revenues from bond issues and special assessments. The Treasurer invests surplus moneys until they are needed for County operations.

The Treasurer's Office is a public office. Our staff is available to assist you on all property tax matters and to provide scheduled tours of the office with a contact our office at (505) 722‑4459. The Treasurer's Office is composed of five full‑time positions and is headed by an elected County Treasurer.

McKinley County Treasurer Office

207 West Hill Suite 101 Gallup, NM 87305





Water Advisory Board

McKinley County has assembled a Water Advisory Board to provide the McKinley County Commission with insight on policy issues surrounding water. This Board is made up of county water users, user groups, political, water and sanitation group, the Navajo Nation, Zuni Pueblo, and interested groups. The advice of this group is passed on to the larger water policy makers as part of McKinley County larger voice. The water board meetings are held on the 2"d Wednesday of each month at the McKinley County Commission Chambers. For more information visit: www.geocities.com/countywaterboard/.