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McKinley County
Office of Emergency Management and Grants and Contracts
2221 East Boyd
Gallup, NM. 87301

Anthony L. Dimas Jr., OEM/GRants Director


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OEM/Grants Director, Anthony L. Dimas, Jr.

Anthony Dimas directly supervises and oversees the day-to-day operations of the Emergency Management Office and works directly for the County Manager.

The New Mexico Office of Emergency Management was first created in 1959 as the Civil Emergency Preparedness Division. In 1990, the name of the agency was changed to its current calling under the Department of Public Safety. Today, the Department of Homeland Security and the Office of Emergency Management lead the State's response to emergencies and disasters.

Mission Statement

The County’s Emergency Management mission is to develop and maintain a comprehensive plan to prepare for, respond to, and recover from, all types of major emergencies that might occur in the County or it's municipalities to include the Navajo and Zuni Reservations. Assist the all residents of McKinley County through a coordinated program of mitigating hazards, preparing for emergencies, preventing attacks from events that occur without regard to cause.  

This is accomplished by working daily to coordinate a unified response and the cooperation of various first responders and their departments, i.e. Volunteers, state and regional partners, and other organizations that would have a role in any major emergency.

During a major disaster or emergency, response and recovery activities are coordinated from the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) The heads of various departments and agencies will work together in a unified command structure to respond and or mitigate an emergency or disaster.


  • Provided by State Statute 12-10-5 (NMSA 1978) The “All Hazard Emergency Management Act”, emergency managers are to “be appointed by the governing body, subject to the approval of the state director…” [Section 12-10-5 NMSA 1978]
  • Joint Resolution for McKinley County and City of Gallup
  • McKinley County Resolution # 97-JAN-011
  • City of Gallup Resolution # R97-5

Anthony Dimas, Jr. - OEM/Grants Director

Sergio Sotelo - Grants Manager

Susan Mahooty - Emergency Management Specialist

Richard Canning - Emergency Management Coordinator

Courtney Manygoats - Administrative Assistant