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McKinley County Probate Judge
207 West Hill St.
Gallup, NM. 87301

 Charley Long, Sr., Probate Judge


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Probate Judge, Charley Long, Sr.

The Probate Judge is a part-time position.  Probate courts for each county were established by the New Mexico Constitution.  That constitutional section gives the New Mexico Legislature power to define the jurisdiction of the probate courts within the scope of the constitution.

The probate court is limited to the following activities:

▪ Admission of Will to informal probate;

▪ Informal appointment of Personal Representatives;

▪ Upon verified application of a Personal Representative, signs an Order granting and establishing Personal Representative rights to execute an estate,

▪ To enable the personal representative to obtain a discharge of liens securing his performance.

The Probate Judge also is by law to perform marriages.

Judge Charley Long, Sr.'s hours office schedule varies by month. For more information or to schedule an appointment please call the Clerks office at  (505) 863-6866.

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