McKinley County DWI Program

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The McKinley County DWI Program strives to improve the quality of life in McKinley County by reducing DWI injuries and fatalities in a manner that is respectful of the diverse cultures of our citizens.

The local DWI program allows for multi-pronged approach to reducing DWI, alcoholism, and alcohol abuse. We know that many things by themselves help (treatment and enforcement for example), but using multiple strategies to combat the problem has a much greater effect. Therefore, local DWI Programs can fund different components (Prevention; Screening; compliance monitoring/ tracking; Coordination, planning and evaluation; Treatment. The local DWI Program must provide services throughout the county, to reach as many people as possible).

LDWI Components
The McKinley County DWI Program is a program based on filling the needs and gaps of the community through 8 proven components:
  • Screening
  • Prevention
  • Coordination
  • Domestic Violence
  • Treatment
  • Alternative Sentencing
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Law Enforcement
If a component is adequately met in the community through other resources, then the component will not need to be funded through LDWI.

Currently, McKinley County funds 5 of the 8 Components:
  • Screening
  • Prevention
  • Coordination, Evaluation and Planning
  • Treatment
  • Compliance Monitoring

For support with Domestic Violence or Sexual Assault:

Battered Families Services 505-722-6389

Sexual Assault Services 505-399-5940
of Northwest New Mexico 

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