Fire & EMS

Gallup Firefighter Tractor Trailer

McKinley County Fire & EMS

McKinley County Fire & EMS is one department made up of 18 Districts with a total of 22 Fire Stations strategically located throughout the County. With these 22 Fire Stations we cover approximately 5,600 square miles of territory spanning State, County, and Tribal lands.

We are a combination department, meaning we have Career Staff and Volunteers.
The overwhemling majority of our firefighters are volunteers numbering above 300 members on average.  Our Career Staff includes the Executive Fire Administrative Staff, Fleet Services, and 8 Full Time Firefighter/EMTs, 2 Part-time Firefighter EMTs that are stationed in Thoreau.

McKinley County Fire & EMS is always on the look out for more volunteers.  Being a volunteer is being a HERO!  A McKinley County Fire & EMS Volunteer will recieve paid training, state retirement, and gear to respond to calls so you can be a hero in your community.  Being a volunteer is hard work and requires a huge comitment.  Are you ready to be a hero and make a difference in your community? Click here to fill out a Membership Application and a recruitment specialist will be in touch!

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