Investigations Division


  • Chief Investigator Christopher Escamilla
  • Investigator Anthony Ashley
  • Investigator Joey Guillen
  • Investigator Savannah Williams (ICAC)(SOR)
  • Investigator Clayton Etsitty

Case Assignments

Assignment of cases for investigation varies per case. Solvability factors such as witnesses and their cooperation, suspect identification, traceable property, evidence collected, fingerprints and similar crimes are considered during this process.


The Division investigates murders, sex crimes, financial crimes and frauds, unattended deaths, fires and any other felony crimes and some misdemeanors.

Areas of Special Focus

The majority of crimes involve property crimes such as larceny and breaking and entering into homes and businesses. Special emphasis is placed on sex crimes and violators of sex offender and Crimes against Children.

Education and Training

All Investigators attend formal schools with a variety of subject matters to include interview and interrogations, death investigations, crime scene processing, how to deal with sex crime victims and offenders and Blood Splatter Interpretation, just to name a few.

All Investigators must attend state mandated training each year.

Area Cooperation

This Division works closely with the District Attorney’s Office and routinely coordinates investigation with surrounding local, state and federal law enforcement agencies.

Evidence Room

The Evidence Investigator is tasked with maintaining the Evidence Room, maintaining the control logs for all seized evidence or found property stored in the Evidence Room, and helping with the disposal of evidence via Court Order.