K-9 Division


K-9 Max, handled by Deputy Johnson Lee
K-9 Kosa, handled by Sergeant Garylle James
K-9 Betty, handled by Deputy Brandon Salazar

*all 3 dogs are dual purpose, bite work and narcotics detection

Team Responsibilities

The McKinley County Sheriff's Office has three Canine handlers. The K-9s are trained in tracking, area searches, property recovery, handler protection, building searches, criminal apprehension, and narcotic detection. The Canine Team is available and on-call to any police agency in the County who requests them. They also provide demonstrations at local schools and events. The dogs also back up for the K-9 Officers in all types of situations.


The Canine Team has assisted in finding lost children, injured people, and criminal suspects who have left the scene of a crime. They have also assisted in a number of narcotics searches during drug raids for several police agencies, including the McKinley County Narcotic Team and they are responsible for the seizure and recovery of money and thousands of dollars worth of hidden drugs. The Division is called upon by various school districts throughout the County, providing assistance with narcotic searches in upper grade level schools and parking lot areas.