Assessor's Office Timeline

January 1

Property is assessed to the owner of record according to its condition as of that date. For example, if property is vacant on January 1, it will be assessed as vacant land even if a building is constructed on that property sometime during the tax year after January 1.

Last Day in February

Cut-off date for Application(s) for agricultural valuation; Head of Household or veterans exemptions and other exemptions.
The application deadline for agricultural valuation; church, charitable, educational and personal property exemptions; head of family and veterans exemption; report of mobile homes; and livestock. This date also applies to loss of status for eligibility for exemptions; reporting improvements costing more than $10,000; and / or statement of.

April 1

County Assessor mails a Notice of Value to Property owners 30 days from Notice of Value. Cut-off date for the Property owner to file a valuation protest with assessor.

June 15

County Assessors certify the County net taxable values to The State Department of Finance and Administration.

August 1

Department of Taxation and Revenue certifies the final Net Taxable Values to the Department of Finance and Administration for setting tax rates.

September 1

Cut-off date for Department of Finance and Administration to set tax rates. The New Mexico Department of Finance and Administration sets the tax rates for the current year’s property taxes for each of the 33 counties. The County Commission must approve mil rates before they take effect.

October 1

Deadline for County Assessor to deliver tax schedule and abstract of tax schedule to County Treasurer. After October 1, the Assessor has only limited authority to request changes to the tax schedule.