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Update for McKinley County Suppliers!

McKinley County is now using the Mercell e-Procurement platform to post and accept submissions for open solicitations (Bids & RFP’s). The County encourages you to register on the Mercell platform and to add commodity codes to your account so that you will automatically be notified of bidding opportunities with the County that may be of interest to your firm. 
Register on Mercell
 Registration is a simple process that takes only a few minutes, please click the link below and fill out the registration form. McKinley County believes that this online transition will be of benefit to all suppliers, greatly reducing the time and cost attributed with printing and shipping proposals.
Need Assistance?
 The Mercell Service Desk is available from Mon-Fri, 7am - 8pm EST for any assistance you may need. You can find the contact information below:
Mercell Service Desk
Phone: (724) 888-5294
Support Page

View and respond to current solicitations at: McKinley County Bids/RFP's

View past solicitations, sole source, and emergency procurements