E-Billing (Electronic Tax Bills)

Are you interested in receiving your tax bills electronically?

McKinley County Treasurer, Ernest C. Becenti Jr. is offering property owners the option of receiving their upcoming and following year’s tax bills by e-mail.

2015 Legislative Session, House Bill 49 was passed and allows county treasurers in New Mexico to send tax bills via e-mails. You may now choose to receive your tax bill, either by paper in the mail or electronically by e-mail.

There are Two ways to sign up:

1. Verify Code Online

  • Look for the "Verification Code" that is on your tax bill.
  • Go online by clicking on the link "Verify Code Online" below
  • Enter your Account Number in the Account ID field and click "Search"
  • Click your Account
  • Click "Verify my E-mail" on the left panel under "Account Links"
  • Enter you e-mail and the Verification Code and click "Verify Email"

2. Request by Online Form

  • Click on "Fill-Out Online"
  • Fill-out form
Fillout online

If you have any questions regarding e-billing, please call our office at (505) 722-4459 ext. 1062.