Business Environment

McKinley County has a pro-business environment built on three central principles:

  • We strive to proactively foster an entrepreneurial culture that will stimulate and produce tomorrow’s innovation today,
  • We work to attract new investments and diversify our economy through the expansion of existing businesses and recruitment of stable base job providers. 
  • We respect and value our businesses and industries that are generations old, and seek to retain them as cornerstones of communities.
Our business environment is strengthened by our competitive advantages, including:

  • Interstate transportation networks (rail and highways);
  • Location-to-major markets advantage;
  • Available and diverse human capital;
  • Comprehensive package of local and State incentives;
  • Available industrial parks and sites;
  • A highly-desired quality and quantity of life;
  • Leadership’s commitment to economic development;
  • Strategic infrastructure investments; and
  • Targeted industrial clusters.