SNAPS SA Coalition


The mission of SNAPS SA is to serve as a multi-agency coalition to reduce the risks and increase the resiliency of youth in McKinley County. SNAPS SA has a large functioning coalition with sub-committees working on topics such as law enforcement, school policy change, and social media. SNAPS SA aims to address underage drinking and prescription abuse and misuse in our community.


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  1. Strategies & Objectives
  2. Upcoming Events
  3. Announcements
  • Advocacy and coordination for stronger enforcement of all existing youth and adult and drug related laws (citations and arrests for: minors in possession, sales to minors, providing alcohol to a minor, Social Host Ordinances; DWIs, sales to intoxicated, server liability)
  • Publicizing enforcement efforts and activities (party patrols, sobriety checkpoints, saturation patrols, SID activities, etc)
  • Media to increase awareness of 4th degree felony and social host laws
  • Responsible Beverage Service Model (a package including alcohol merchant education, store manager policies, age verification, server training)
  • Develop and strengthen enforcement of ATOD policies at schools (include the elimination of zero-tolerance policies that lead to suspension and expulsion from school)
  • Target parents to restrict youth social access to prescription painkillers by working directly with PTAs or similar parent groups to encourage locking up medications, proper disposal and to share information with parents on adolescent prescription drug misuse and abuse, as well as dangers of sharing
  • Restrict social access through the elderly (locking up medications, providing lock boxes, not sharing medications, etc) with strategies that are reinforced by education and respond to local social norms and conditions
  • Use media resources to increase awareness of prescription painkiller harm & potential for addition, and to increase awareness of dangers of sharing, how to store and dispose of prescription drugs safely.